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April 9, 2019, General Meeting Amy Silberkeit

Tuesday Apr 9, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

A very versatile artist, Amy does botanical art, printmaking, fabric collage, puppet making and dioramas. She will speak mainly on her exquisite lithography work. Since she is a traditionalist, it will make an interesting juxtaposition to the Merriam's experimental printmaking (see Nov 13, 2018 event).

May 4, 2019

Saturday May 4, 10:00 am - Saturday Jun 1, 10:00 am

ANNUAL COMMUNITY ARTS MEMBER SHOW 2019. Receiving day is May 4, Reception is May 18, 2 to 4pm. Take down is Saturday, June 1, 10 to12

member show 2019

May 14 , 2019 General Meeting

Tuesday May 14, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

An oil and watercolor painter, Joseph Gyurcsak specializes in plein air painting. His paintings transcend the techniques that created them and capture the light and atmosphere of the fleeting moments of life during which they were painted. His interior, still life, figure, and landscape paintings communicate the essence of his subject matter with a bold approach. As an art materials expert, Joe is the Blick Resident Artist/Utrecht Brand Manager. A versatile artist and highly regarded instructor who has lectured and demonstrated throughout the U.S., Joe is a member of the Salmagundi Club, Signature Member with the International Society of Acrylic Painters, and Bold Brush Signature Artist, Oil Painters of America. During his program at our meeting, Color Theory: Unlocking the Mysteries, Joe will reveal the keys to better color perception and manipulations through a lecture and series of exercises. He will address value, chroma intensity, pure vs. hue, tint strength, color manipulations, mass tone/under tone, color temp, and paint making. His website is

Joe Gyurcsak Workshop May 15, 2019

Wednesday May 15, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Capturing the Essence of Your Subject in Still Life. In this class, Joe will discuss composition, drawing vs. volume, value, color, edge control and paint manipulation. He will present all prima demos that will help students see and understand how to establish a successful start and finish in a single session. Personal assistance, group discussion and critiques will be provided throughout the day. You may work in watercolor, gouache, oil, acrylic or pastels. A materials list will be provided.

Joe Gyurcsak Workshops

Joe Gyurcsak Workshop May 16, 2019

Thursday May 16, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Creating Spontaneous Paintings in Your Media of Choice. This class will help students see the big picture by learning to construct movement and action in brush mark making. The focus will be on the flow of colors, loosening up, and creating strong contrast. Students will learn how certain movements will guide viewers to the center of interest, creating powerful and selective compositions. The instructor will illustrate the lessons with painting demonstrations. Artists may work in watercolor, acrylic mediums or oil. A materials list will be provided.

Joe Gyurcsak Workshops