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February 13, 2018 General Meeting

Tuesday Feb 13, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

February 13, 2018 – Sharon Klass. Cell phone photography made simple. A painter, photographer, and mixed media artist, CAA member Sharon Klass constantly creates artwork to communicate her experience, feelings, and sense of place. A champion of photography as an art form, Sharon finds that it frequently takes more patience and persistence to photograph an image than to paint it. She considers her photographs works of art with the camera as the brush and the printer as the canvas. Attention to the details of light, composition, weather, and point-of-view results in photographs with painterly qualities. At our meeting, Sharon will share techniques to take photos with your iPhone or Android smartphone that rival those taken with a digital single-lens reflex camera. Sharon’s website showcases her paintings and photographs.

March 13, 2018 General Meeting

Tuesday Mar 13, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Robert Demerest. Robert Demarest’s background is in medical illustration. His professional work has appeared in dozens of medical textbooks, journals and magazines, and he has won prestigious awards in his field. He is also an accomplished watercolor painter, as well an an author of several books on both medical and artistic subjects. For many years, Robert was the chief medial illustrator a Columbia’s medical college. During his tenure there, he met the artist Jaime Wyeth, who wished to increase his knowledge of human anatomy to improve his portrait work. Robert helped Jaime achieve this goal and this association led to an opportunity to meet many members of the illustrious Wyeth family. Robert’s presentation on March 13 will recount his personal experiences with one of America’s most prominent art families. Robert has been selected to participate in our program because several CAA Members attended an earlier lecture on this subject and recommended it as informative and fascinating.

April 10 2018 General Meeting

Tuesday Apr 10, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Linda Rossin. Linda Rossin is an award winning wildlife artist of renown. As an elected member of the Society for Animal Artists, the world’s most preeminent organizing for animal painters and sculptors, has honored her with an Award for Excellence. Amazingly, she has applied her expertise in this field, with it’s high standards of detail, realism and accuracy, to the world of miniature painting. Her miniatures have also won awards and accolades internationally. When you see them, you will understand why. They are truly astonishing. By definition, a miniature cannot exceed 25 square inches (5 x 5” for example). Many of Linda’s paintings are significantly smaller than that, yet more precisely and richly painted than most artists could achieve at any scale. On April 10, Linda will share her knowledge and techniques concerning this special genre with us. She should also be able to bring along many samples of her work, since dozens could easily fit in a single tote bag! Linda's website is

General Meeting - May 8, 2018

Tuesday May 8, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ryan Fox. For three days in May, we will host Ryan Fox, a watercolor painter based in Raleigh, NC. His award-winning works have been published in Watercolor Artist Magazine and Splash, among others. Ryan started as a freelance travel photographer, and this can be seen in his exotic subject matter and approach. However, Ryan’s use of color and diverse paint effects results in paintings that are anything but a direct copy of his photographic reference. He has mastered a number of unusual techniques, including watercolor batik and pouring, both of which require preserving values and slowly building up layers to achieve darks. Some paintings require as many as twenty layers. Another technique uses a mouth atomizer to spray watercolor paint or ink evenly over the surface, creating an atmospheric effect that is difficult to achieve with a brush. It can be used to add texture or to create entire paintings in an impressionistic pointillist style. Watercolor batik is the process of using traditional watercolor paint and wax to create unique and beautiful batik-style paintings on Japanese rice paper. At our May 8th meeting, Ryan will relate his experiences, explain and demonstrate some of these techniques for us. To see examples, visit

ryan fox workshop

Workshop With Ryan Fox

Wednesday May 9, 9:30 am - Thursday May 10, 3:30 pm

May 9 and 10 will give members an opportunity to spend more time with Ryan Fox exploring the techniques described above. We will be structuring our two day workshop a little differently than in the past. Each day will be handled as a separate workshop. You are invited to attend both days or chose to attend a single day featuring the technique that interests you most. The details have yet to be determined, but the subjects will be Watercolor Batik on one day and Impressionistic Watercolor (utilizing the mouth atomizer) the other day.

ryan fox workshop