Glenda Haas

A graduate of Pratt Institute, I have had a series of art related jobs, from working in various art museums, to art publishing, to teaching art. I always felt fortunate to continue my involvement in the art world, but I recently realized that I have not really felt like I was an "artist". I was, at best, an editor or a teacher who also dabbled in art. So I am trying, rather late in life, to become what I set out to be. I have experience in many art mediums, including calligraphy, jewelry, fiber arts, book arts, and many others. But perhaps I have spread myself too thin to truly excel. So, I am concentrating on watercolors now, and am attempting to become a Master Watercolorist, if that is even a thing. I would appreciate any advise and guidance about where to go from here.


65 Maysenger Road
Mahwah, New Jerey 07430