Lise Mori K

I started my training in art at age six, in Montreal,
Eventually to become a successful designer of custom jewelry, high couture clothing, and now fine pictorial art in several different media….

• The Institut Pedagogique, Montreal 1940
• The Saydie Bronfman Art Center Montreal 1960
• Studied with the well known painter Herman Heimlich for four years. 1950-1955
• I attended the Atelier of Frere Gerome, innovator and college of Paul Emile Boduas School of Abstract Expressionist and Liberty of Art, at the Notre Dame College in Montreal for a period of 2 years
• Graduated from the Cotnoir Capponi school of fashion Design in Montreal ..
• Joined Brent Malone’s art Gallery in Nassau Bahamas in 1965
• 1965-70 I was in various art shows in Nassau Bahamas with Brent Malone.
• I was active as the artist residence, in Brent Malone’s art Gallery.

I was invited to participate in various art shows, in Montreal, New York and the Bahamas.
Back in New York city in 1996, my painting took a different style…Bistro Café scenes.
Shown in various restaurant in mid town Manhattan.

• 2013 Joined the Community Art Association Inc
• 2016 Solo Art show, Senior center of Mahwah
• 2016 – 64th Sponsor show, Ridgewood Art Institute. As CAA member/
• 2016 CAA Art show at the Hawthorn library
Joining the Senior Center of Mahwah and the CAA in Allendale, gave me once more a goal to paint and finally, after a whirlwind life, to express on canvas all the ideas piled up in my mind!!!!
I signs my work with my “nom de plume" Lise Mori K.