Debra Manders

The moment she first swirled her hands across a paint-soaked paper in kindergarten, a lifelong passion for making art was ignited. While seeking to delight the eye through the orchestration of shape, value, line, color and texture, Debra Manders uses the elements of design as a vehicle to give expression to her inner landscape. The essence of her work is "the struggle to impose order upon chaos; a reflection of the very human desire to exert control over our lives when, in fact, we are on a journey that is very often beyond our control." Each painting is an interactive communication between Debra’s soul and the work – a dance on paper marking an inner passage. She invites you, the viewer, along on her personal journey of self-discovery.

Debra is a graduate of Pace University and studied watercolor with Carolyn Pedersen, NWS and Virginia Cobb. Her work has been accepted into juried exhibitions in New York and New Jersey and is in private collections.

Nanuet, NY