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The CAA annual bus trip to the American Watercolor Society show at the Salmagundi Club in New York will take place on Thursday, April 19. The bus will leave the Acme parking lot on DeMecurio Drive, Allendale at 10:00 and will leave the city at 3:30 to be back in Allendale at 5:00pm. This is always a Great Day! Please go to the Calendar Page for more info and a signup form.

April 10, 2018: Linda Rossin. Linda is an award winning wildlife artist and an elected member of the Society for Animal Artists. She has applied her expertise in this field to the world of miniature painting. Her tiny paintings - less than 5"x5" - are more precisely painted than most artists can achieve at any scale. www.lindarossin.com

May 8, 2018: Ryan Fox has mastered a number of unusual techniques, including watercolor batik and pouring, which require preserving values and slowly building up layers to achieve darks. Ryan will demonstrate some of these techniques for us. www.rfoxphoto.com

May 9, 10, 2018: Ryan Fox will conduct a 2 workshops allowing members to explore the techniques described above and many others. Members may choose one or both days depending on the subject that interests most. One day will be Watercolor Batik and the other Impressionistic Watercolor.

Monthly Artist: Sharon Klass


Sharon is an artist and a very accomplished photographer, using apps to create images that are astonishingly beautiful.

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