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February 13, 2018 – Sharon Klass. Cell phone photography made simple. A painter, photographer, and mixed media artist, CAA member Sharon Klass constantly creates artwork to communicate her experience, feelings, and sense of place. A champion of photography as an art form, Sharon finds that it frequently takes more patience and persistence to photograph an image than to paint it. She considers her photographs works of art with the camera as the brush and the printer as the canvas. Attention to the details of light, composition, weather, and point-of-view results in photographs with painterly qualities. At our meeting, Sharon will share techniques to take photos with your iPhone or Android smartphone that rival those taken with a digital single-lens reflex camera. Sharon’s website www.sharonklassart.com showcases her paintings and photographs.

CAA is a non-profit organization open to all artists and art enthusiasts. We have 100 plus members from northern New Jersey and lower New York State. The Association was incorporated in 1965 to answer to the needs of artists in Allendale and the surrounding communities. Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from September through May at Trinity Church, 55 George St., Allendale, NJ. Meetings feature painting demonstrations by well known local artists. The Association also sponsors workshops, which are open to members and non-members. Membership dues are $35. To learn more, go the the "JOIN" page.

Our upcoming season will feature an impressive lineup of artists. A brief overview follows here. For a complete description of the programs, please go to the Calendar page.

September 12, 2017: Joan Lesikin, oils and colored pencil with focus on draped fabric with backgrounds of sky and clouds. www.Lesikin.com

October 10 2017: Anthony Miglaccio, critique of members' work. Anthony is a full time artist and his work is represented in collections internationally. http://anthonymigiaccio.com

October 30, 2017: PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS A DATE CHANGE. Christina Debarry will conduct a pastel workshop stressing composition, light and shadow and color harmony. www.debarrystudioarts.com

November 14, 2017: Sarah Becktel, contemporary realism in oil paint. Sarah is an Art Educator for Strathmore Artist Paper and Gambling Artist Colors and she will talk about choosing the right products and understanding their lightfastness and characteristics. www.sarahbecktel.com

December 12, 2017: Gregory William Frux will speak about the connections between his wilderness travels and his art making. www.frux.net

January 9, 2018: David Reinfeld will give a demonstration of digitally altered photography At our meeting he will "deconstruct" images to demonstrate the complex processes involved.

February 13, 2018: Sharon Klass, CAA member, will will discuss cell phone photography made simple. Attention to the details of light, composition, weather and point-of-view results in photographs with painterly qualities. www.sharonlass.com

March 13, 2018: Robert Demerest's background is in medical illustration - he is also an accomplished watercolor painter. During his tenure at Columbia medical college, he met artist Jaime Wyeth and helped him increase his knowledge of anatomy. Robert will recount his experiences with the Wyeth family.

April 20, 2018: Linda Rossin is an award winning wildlife artist. She has applied her expertise in this field to the world of miniature painting. Her tiny paintings - less than 5"x5" - are more precisely painted than most artists can achieve at any scale. www.lindarossin.com

May 8, 2018: Ryan Fox has mastered a number of unusual techniques, including watercolor batik and pouring, which require preserving values and slowly building up layers to achieve darks. Ryan will demonstrate some of these techniques for us. www.rfoxphoto.com

May 9, 10, 2018: Ryan Fox will conduct a 2 workshops allowing members to explore the techniques described above and many others. Members may choose one or both days depending on the subject that interests most. One day will be Watercolor Batik and the other Impressionistic Watercolor.

Monthly Artist: Len Mulé

Christian Sharps

Len's charcoal drawing depicts Christian Sharps, 1810-1874, the inventor of the first successful breech loading rifle, used extensively by the Sharpshooters Corp. in the Civil War. This drawing is a departure for Len, as he usually works in oils.

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