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The CAA 2018 - 2019 season began with the September 11 meeting at the Trinity Church, 55 George St., Allendale, NJ. Please note that theFebruary 12, 2019 meeting will be held from 2 to 4 in the afternoon with refreshments and an Artist of the Month contest. Guests and new members are always welcome.

February 12, 2019: Afternoon meeting: Hiromitsu Kuroo.

Hiromitsu Kuroo has combined the traditional art of Origami from his native Japan with the sense of individuality and self-expression prized in his current home in New York. In his efforts to bridge the two very different cultures, he has created a unique art form in his amazing folded collages. The canvas serves as the paper, the gentle manipulation of its surface conveys intricate texture, and sanding the surface reveals layers of painted colors. Hiromitsu using juxtaposition and the excitement of collaged pieces of canvas to accentuate other emerging shapes in his compositions. For a look at his artwork, go to www.hiromitsukuroo.com

March 12, 2019: Joan Quinn - PICASSO

On March 12 we will be treated with a slide presentation by Art Historian Joan Quinn, which will focus on the various artistic styles of Pablo Picasso. This is rich subject matter indeed, and should be a real treat.

No other artist has been as famous as Picasso during his or her lifetime. To back up this statement, I did a brief internet search injecting several different superlatives: Best Artist of all time, Most Versatile, Most Influential, Most Inventive, Most important, Most Prolific. Picasso’s name is on every list, no matter what. I entered Most Womanizing artist of all time (MeToo movement!), and he was on that list, too! Even a computer algorithm invented at Rutgers identified Picasso’s work as among the most creative ever.

Picasso’s style changed greatly over the course of his life. He broke with so many practices of the past and developed many new approaches that paved the way for much of Modern Art, including Constructivism, Futurism, Cubism, Surrealism and others. My internet search yielded this great quote concerning his influence: Picasso is to Art History a giant earthquake with eternal aftermaths.

April 9, 2019: Amy Silberkeit.
A versatile and award-winning artist, Amy Silberkeit makes detailed drawings and lithographs of landscapes and natural objects.

May 14, 2019, General Meeting – Joseph Gyurcsak.
An oil and watercolor painter, Joseph Gyurcsak specializes in plein air painting. His paintings transcend the techniques that created them and capture the light and atmosphere of the fleeting moments of life during which they were painted.

May 15 and 16, 2019: Workshops with Joseph Gyurcsak

May 15, 2019: Capturing the Essence of Your Subject in Still Life

May 16, 2019: Abstract Realism: Creating Spontaneous Painting in Your Media of Choice.
This class will help you to see the big picture and construct movement and action in your initial brush mark making.

Monthly Artist: Dianne Ballesty

Dianne's winning watercolor painting shows masses of flowers against a beautifully rendered background. Dianne is a retired art teacher and a member of the CAA board.

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